Employees are your greatest opportunity… but also your biggest risk.  We help you carefully plan and execute all aspects of HR to reduce even those risks that are hidden from view.

Regulations + Employment law

ACA, ADA, COBRA, EEO, ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, OSHA… these (and more) are regulations employers must take seriously.  But interpreting, applying, monitoring and reporting on these requires considerable knowledge and experience.

We help you get buttoned up and stay buttoned up on the myriad regulations and legal implications of having your kind of workforce.

We were worried about unknown risks but unsure where to start. People Etc helped us through the overwhelming maze of laws and regulations and best practices.
— CEO, Non-Profit Services

policies + procedures

Missing or poorly-defined workforce policies and procedures are perhaps the most common, dangerous and unnecessary vulnerabilities for many employers.  We help you implement policies and procedures that create a reliable, fair and appropriate experience for employees. And we focus on defining them in a way that best suits your culture and goals.


employee relations

Whether it’s investigating an incident, correcting unacceptable behavior or identifying poor performance, we help you work within a structure that mitigates the substantial risks of Employee Relations issues. Often we come alongside front line managers and corporate leaders to work through a situation carefully.


employee education

Employee education must be part of every HR initiative.  We help you create and sustain a comprehensive program, including scheduling, materials, follow-up and even delivery in multiple formats to ensure that we’ve accounted for:

• Who needs to know what?

• When do they need to know it?

• How often do we need to communicate it?