A solid HR foundation requires more than just transactional work.  We focus on several key aspects of workforce planning to ensure the total HR function supports the big picture: an engaged, capable workforce that delivers on your company’s goals.

culture + values

Your company’s unique personality is an important ingredient in your success.  We help you define it in compelling ways, and communicate it consistently, so you attract the right kind of people and reinforce the good aspects of your culture.

It’s easy to wake up one morning to discover you have a lot of people but not a lot of design. People Etc helped us figure out what mattered most and how to structure our workforce for success.
— VP Operations, Manufacturing

employee engagement

The core of Employee Engagement is simply an intentional, sustained effort to connect meaningfully with employees. We have to demonstrate that they matter and that their work is important.  We help you implement methods of intentionally, consistently doing so that fit your resources, culture and workforce.


performance management

Employees need to know how well they’re doing.  But many companies have inconsistent or bureaucratic programs that frustrate both managers and employees both tired and frustrated.  We help you determine the timing and methods that will make for a sustainable and meaningful performance evaluation process.



Few companies know why they pay what they pay, what they should pay the next person they hire, and whether a change in compensation would make a meaningful difference.  We help you analyze the issue and define a scaleable compensation approach that fits both your workforce and your financial model.