Payroll is the complex, critical core of Human Resources.  We handle payroll from start to finish for most clients to make sure it’s done correctly, efficiently and in synch with each component of HR.

Time + attendance

Payroll always starts with time.  Our goal is to implement a reliable, streamlined process for tracking time that fits your company’s needs, no matter how widely scattered your workforce or what methods they’re accustomed to.

We don’t have to worry about all the complexities of payroll. People Etc just takes care of it.
— CFO, Restaurant Chain

payroll processing

From deductions to state regulations to shift differentials, the actual processing of payroll can be very complex and time-consuming.  We take responsibility for payroll processing in turnkey fashion based on whatever schedule suits your company.  Our team has hundreds of years of payroll experience for thousands of employers, so we have dealt with almost every wrinkle of payroll across industries and states.


taxes + payables

Paychecks and direct deposits aren’t the end of payroll.  We handle the considerable work that follows down to the penny: tax and other payments to federal, state and local governments, plus payments to entities handling other kinds of deductions such as health and retirement plan contributions.



Per payroll, per month, per quarter and annually, we give you access to the reports you need to satisfy government regulations, the needs of employees and the insights of the company.  As with all our Payroll work, we handle reporting turnkey, including delivering W2s and 1099s at the conclusion of the calendar year.  And our HRIS platform is one of the most flexible systems around when it comes to assembling the data you need.