We believe people are so important to your mission that everything else could almost be labeled “etcetera” (thus our name). We help you find and keep the right people for your unique needs.

Roles + Structure

Once a workforce has grown to a substantial size, we should evaluate whether the structure that has emerged is best suited to the needs of the company. Is there too much or too little redundancy?  Do we have too many managers and not enough workers (are our “managers” really managers at all)?  Have we isolated functions that instead need to collaborate?

 Since you can’t afford the disruption of scrapping your current roles and starting over, we help you develop and execute a plan that moves you in the right direction through incremental adjustments.

It’s easy to fill a vacancy. People Etc helps us hire better
— HR Director, Transportation

job descriptions

To hire the right people, set the right expectations and reduce the risk of discrimination claims, every employee should have a well-defined job description.  We help you create, revise and maintain a comprehensive set of job descriptions.


hiring for success

The difference between hiring someone and hiring well is vast.  Employers who define the profile of successful employees in a particular role, identify the value proposition to that kind of candidate, then promote openings and hire accordingly build better workforces with reduced turnover and higher productivity.  We want to help you hire effectively by treating the hiring opportunity as your most valuable opportunity.



After the heavy lifting of hiring, many companies treat the Onboarding phase as an afterthought.  But for new employees, it sets a critical precedent in their Total Employee Experience.  We help you design and implement an Onboarding method that helps new hires feel good about their arrival, equips them with the right tools, and establishes successful expectations.


development + training

We help you identify the core developmental needs of your workforce, then structure and execute programs to keep the training going.  In common areas such as leadership, management and customer service, we often provide the training ourselves.

staffing + placement

Finding the right people is hard, especially when you don’t have the time or expertise to manage the hiring process personally, or when you want the flexibility to bring in temporary or temp-to-hire employees.

Our staffing and recruiting team often handles the actual hiring of quality people to fit the need, whether it’s finding that one right person for Accounting or multiple people for Operations.