critical hr technology

To get clients on a solid HR footing, we typically implement our HRIS (Human Resources Information System), the foundational tool of modern HR.

We use a secure, cloud-based HRIS platform that gives us tremendous flexibility to configure the platform for your unique needs.  And it is a fully-integrated system, which allows everything to work more seamlessly than if we piece together multiple products.

Once the platform is in place, we support your managers and employees in the use of it. Instead of an online queue for technical support, people you know and work regularly with – your People Etc HR partners – are your support team.

People Etc took us from a mash-up of paper and systems to a single, integrated platform that makes HR easier and better for everyone.
— CEO, Manufacturing

Some of the most common modules we deploy include:


This is the critical core of HRIS.  Benefits, timekeeping, PTO, pay increases, taxes… everything flows into and through Payroll.

time + attendance

Whether you’re using iPads, phones, timeclocks or sheets of paper, this module allows us to keep these records securely, and feeds the data into the Payroll module seamlessly.

hr records

We ensure that all HR documentation is stored in a cloud-based platform.  It streamlines new hire and change processes, makes audits easier, and ensures the documents are always secure and accessible.


Every component of your Benefits programs is stored and managed within this module.  It allows us to enable online enrollment, feed enrollment and eligibility data to carriers, make benefits documentation available to employees, and more.


From candidates’ first interactions with your company, the data they provide us and the profiles they create carry through the complete hiring process.  This creates a positive experience for the candidate and an efficient hiring process for the hiring personnel.



For companies with varying work schedules, this module replaces paper forms and spreadsheets with a customizable tool to allow managers to create, adjust, communicate and monitor employee schedules… and track those schedules against budget. 

leave of absence

This module helps us automate and coordinate the entire process for managing all leaves of absence. 

performance management

Once we’ve defined a Performance Management process that fits your company, we use this module to plan, schedule, communicate and automate much of the work.