As your HR partner, we believe it’s important to deal with the reality on the ground. You already have some HR processes, and certain people handling certain aspects of HR.  Rather than pretending there’s a blank canvas, we work with you to figure out how best to partner together in your unique situation.

We start by identifying the biggest risks and the biggest opportunities for improvement, then addressing those first.  We may be able to focus on the areas where you don’t already have a good HR process. We may be able to take on work that is too heavy for your team, or requires more expertise, or simply isn’t a good use of their time.  You may have folks who can handle specific aspects of HR well if they only had a capable advisor supporting them.

Our team is both advising on and doing HR work every day on behalf of our clients.  The combination of internal and People Etc staff allows them to more quickly and efficiently operate from a solid HR foundation.

Total Employee Experience

As your HR partner, we take the Total Employee Experience into account, even when we’re only working on a portion of the HR function.Then we build with the four elements – philosophies, tools, processes and people – to make sure each piece supports the total foundation.